Business Which E-Scooter Electrifies Best for Money «

Which E-Scooter Electrifies Best for Money «

In none of the five electric scooters tested is it “very good”, the most expensive models also did the best.

5:00 p.m., June 27, 2020

The test winner Silence S01 © SILENCE

Electromobility now has many facets. Next E-Bikes, Electric cars or E-Scootern experience E-Mopeds Especially in urban areas. “There is great interest in the city speedsters of various designs and performance levels,” says ÖAMTC technician Steffan Kerbl. For this reason, the mobility club carefully examined five e-scooters available in Austria.

He has them open with his partner clubs Suitability for everyday use, ergonomics, drive and driving characteristics tested. “In addition to the price – the scooters tested cost between 4599 and 6990 euros – among other things also significant differences in terms of Light, charging time, battery and range shown “, summarizes Kerbl.

The test result showed one thing in the first place: Quality has its price. “The three most expensive scooters land in the top three,” reports Kerbl. “Even if it’s not in the rating for one ‘Very good’ was enough, they sometimes come quite close to this. “

The “Silence S01” offers the best overall package. “The newcomer from Spain has made the established competition look old in many areas,” said the ÖAMTC tester. “His biggest asset is definitely the one battery packwhich, despite its large storage capacity and high weight, is easy to transport. “But it also impresses with well thought-out details, such as a large storage compartment, which even has space for two helmets.

  1. Silence S01
  2. Govec’s Swallow 90
  3. Electric Vespa 70
  4. Niu NQi GT
  5. Trinity Uranus R

The detailed results can be read here.

“Govecs Schwalbe 90” and the new “Vespa Elettrica 70” rank second and third. “The Schwalbe convinced with that powerfull Engine, short loading times, good workmanship and the balanced driving characteristics“summarizes Kerbl.” At Range and Storage options she still has a lot of room for improvement. It also does that high weight Maneuvering for hard work. “

The Vespa in turn offers handy driving characteristics and great comfort. “The decades of experience of the Italian roller blacksmith are especially noticeable in the landing gear, which offers the best compromise between agility and comfort, “explains the ÖAMTC expert.” However, the driving pleasure remains by far the worst driving performance unfortunately on the track in the test. “

The mobility club expert has put together the most important tips to ensure that those interested in scooter do not experience any nasty surprises when buying:

  • “The best scooters score points long range, low power consumption and short charging time“explains Steffan Kerbl.” The range of e-scooter batteries is ideal for city trips, but they are less suitable for longer overland tours. “
  • In addition, one is ideal removable battery, because it can be charged in your own four walls and can also be protected from low temperatures in winter.
  • There is also the possibility with some models that To expand the battery system in modules.
  • “If you buy a new e-scooter, you should already buy the Repair service from the manufacturer pay attention, “Kerbl calls another essential point.” Many manufacturers only have – if at all – in larger cities Service partner.”
  • Of course, a detailed and easy to understand is also operation manual important.
  • “And last but not least, you should definitely buy one Test drive company, “recalls the ÖAMTC expert.

Fourth place goes to the “Niu NQi GT”. The scooter from China scores with the best vehicle app, good range as well as one attractive price. “The fact that the Niu does not do better in the end is next to that long charging time also at the uncomfortable sitting position for tall people“explains Kerbl the reasons for fourth place.

The red lantern in the current test has the “Trinity Uranus R”. Even if the scooter with one low vehicle weight, high payload as well as the lowest power consumption shines in the test, especially cost him long loading times and the weak headlight illumination a better placement.


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