Which is more dangerous and deadly for tuberculosis or Covid19? Check out the information here

JAKARTA, iNews.id – The Doctor’s Word Podcast on RCTI + always has interesting information about health. A lot of useful information was conveyed by Dr. Nadia Alaydrus.

This time, Dr. Nadia has information about health, the dangers of which Covid19 and TBC? “It is equally dangerous that the difference is the cause. Covid19 is caused by a virus, while tuberculosis is caused by bacteria,” said Dr. Nadia

“Indonesia is in second place with the most TB sufferers in the world, you know! Wow, this is a poor achievement, now TB is transmitted through droplets and we have to take antibiotics for at least 6 months as the healing period. ” said Dr. Nadia.

Does TB have any side effects in the long term? There is also information about cervical cancer, what is it actually?

Cervical cancer is cancer that attacks the cervix where we know that the shape of the female reproductive organ is in the neck, which is what many cancers known as cervical cancer have attacked. The cause is the HPV virus, of which there are several types and there are two types that can cause cervical cancer. ” Nadi said as the opening act in his podcast.

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