which is the best in Argentina

In simple terms, and mutual fund it’s a investment instrument in which experts manage, either actively or passively, a set of assets acquired with the capital that investors or shareholders enter. Currently there is a large number of mutual funds, So the question arises as to which is the best.

What is the best investment fund in Argentina?

The answer is very simple: it depends. that is, the best mutual fund will depend on our objectives, aversion to risk, Inter alia.

In the case of common funds low risk investment we find the so-called “money market”. The objective of these funds is usually to obtain a daily profitability stable of the quota value.

This type of fund invests mainly in assets with a great liquidity, low risk and little volatility. In general they usually invest in interest-bearing accounts from Argentine banks, precancelable fixed terms, fixed terms UVA, traditional fixed terms and sureties. The best known are Galileo Fixed Income Class A, the Ualá fund and the Mercado Pago fund.

Conservative mutual funds tend to invest in highly liquid assets

On the other hand, in the case of a intermediate risk, are those who usually invest a part in fixed income assets as those already mentioned and another part in assets with higher volatility (and therefore higher earning potential) like stocks.

Within this category we can highlight some backgrounds for example, Premier Mixed income. Said fund has objective get one hedging in pesos with respect to the variation in the exchange rate.

Finally, we meet those of a high risk, but with a great earning potential. Most of these funds usually invest in assets with higher volatility such as actions.

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Within this category we can highlight funds such as Premier Commodities, which offers a diversified portfolio which invests in Cedears, futures of wheat, soybeans, corn, etc.

How much do you earn in a mutual fund?

Los Mutual funds, Unlike other types of assets, they are assets in which the rent is variableeven in the conservative funds. In other words, unlike assets such as fixed terms, it is unknown in advance what the performance we will get.

In the FCI, unlike a fixed term, the percentage of interest that we will obtain is not known in advance

In the FCI, unlike a fixed term, the percentage of interest that we will obtain is not known in advance

However, in some cases, it can be taken profit estimates that we will get to invest in a mutual fund (usually in conservatives). For example, in the case of Galileo Fixed Income Class A, it is yielding approximately 6.58% per month.

What is the most profitable investment fund?

As we mentioned above, the “gain” of one mutual fund is unknown in advanceso the only way to know which of all the funds is the most profitable would be with the “Monday newspaper”.

That is, although estimates can be made, it is impossible to know for sure which will be the most profitable until time passes. For example, it is impossible to know what will be the most profitable stock in 2023 until time passes.

However, as general premise, we can affirm that the more aggressive mutual funds they have a higher earning potential (The higher the risk, the higher the gain.) However, this potential profit could eventually become loss.

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In that case, not only will the money as a result of the price drop have been lost, but also the inflation of the period.

What is better a fixed term or an investment fund?

For this to be a fair comparison, one must compare the fixed term with the mutual funds of low to medium risk, since, in the case of the FCI oriented to aggressive profiles are not comparable, since fixed terms are conservative assets.


The fixed term is enjoying a better performance, but the capital must be immobilized for a minimum of 30 days

In this line, the fixed term at these times it is usually a little more profitable than the conservative mutual funds, with a nominal annual rate of 75%. Furthermore, at the time of establish the fixed term, we can know in advance the interest that we will obtain.

As against, the fixed term forces us to immobilize the capital for a minimum of 30 days. Instead, the conservative mutual funds, Like the money markets, they allow us to withdraw the money with only 48 hours or less in advance.

In fact, in the case of Mutual funds like Mercado Pago and Ualá, we can withdraw the money at the moment, having a immediate liquidity, functioning in a similar way to a savings account, but benefiting from daily interests.

However, it should be remembered that it can happen that money is lost, since, despite being a low risk instrument, this risk is not zero.

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