While in Bali with her lover, G. Aliyeva took part in a purification ritual: “Even tears appeared” | Names

Goda Aliyeva and her beloved Nerijus decided to escape from the cold Lithuanian winter to exotic lands. Before that, the couple visited Thailand, and now they are warming up in Bali.

“Probably one of the most memorable experiences on the island of Bali… The purification ritual, after it even tears appeared in my eyes, I performed these rituals with devotion and with all my being and after them I felt as if I had cleansed my soul, the Balinese believe that after the ritual you can ask for the highest thing you want and not forget thank you!

I rarely talk about my mindfulness journeys or meditations, but I’m one of those people who isn’t afraid to share sometimes the most personal events that have been important to me! While nurturing our body, let’s not forget the well-being of our soul and inner world!

PS With age, the attitude towards life and everything in general changes, we become much more forgiving and understanding towards others, I am convinced that being categorical and imposing our understanding of life on others shows the limitations of a person, let’s be free from everything and live as we want, after all, only we are responsible for ourselves and her happiness,” wrote G. Aliyeva in her Instagram post, which she allowed to be shared with People.lt portal.

From the very beginning, Goda Aliyeva has been sharing moments of her journey with her followers on social networks.

“We ran away from winter”, – People.lt said G. Aliyeva.

First, the couple visited Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Goda did not lie – she had to overcome her fear.

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“My legs were shaking,” she admitted.

The evening was spent walking in the city of millions and feeling its power.

“Lost in the city,” G. Aliyeva wrote.

In his stories, Goda said that there are many Buddha statues in Thailand. True, she explained to her followers that when you approach the statue, you cannot turn your back to it, because such a gesture shows disrespect. You should always face the statue from the front or the side, and enter the temple only without shoes.

After admiring the city, the couple plunged into the embrace of nature. Thailand is rich in beautiful scenery.

“A child of nature,” Goda wrote under the photo.

However, in her stories, Goda admitted that there is one thing in this country that worries her very much. These are – according to her – dinosaur-sized spiders. The woman testified that she was already afraid of them, but in Thailand this fear is doubled because there are many spiders and they are much bigger than we are used to.

In addition to traveling, the two also manage to relax by the pool and sunbathe.

“Somewhere between winter and summer,” said the woman.

Goda found great places for beautiful shots and immortalized them there.

“We found Instagram sites, I tagged those who are interested, I can’t just manage photos, so it is as it is, I tried to be a swan, and it turned out the way it turned out,” she wrote.

The couple also visited Phi Phi Island. It was reached by speed boat.

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