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White finger flicks black man away – VW apologizes for racist advertising

“That makes me wanna puke”

The VW car company is pilloried because of an advertisement for its new Golf. In the spot, a black man is pushed away by a white finger. At the end of the video, the word “Negro” can be seen for seconds.

  • A Volkswagen advertising spot for the new Golf has gone too far: it’s about black, white and the word “negro”.
  • The VW group had to apologize.
  • The German company promises an investigation, the results of which will be published.

Volkswagen has apologized after fierce criticism of an advertising spot for the new Golf posted on Instagram and Twitter. The short sequence, which triggered strong reactions in the social networks, shows a black man being pushed through the picture by a white hand and then snapped into the entrance of a restaurant. Is it just a coincidence that the name of the restaurant is “Le Colon” (French for “little colonist”)?

But it was the end of advertising that finally sparked the shitstorm: The letters of the advertising message “The New Golf” are displayed at the end in such a way that the N-word (“Negro”) is visible for a short moment. Just a coincidence? No, judged the network community. “Racism could hardly be clearer” or “I could throw up”, she commented on social media.

The first apology was not well received

“Without question: the video is wrong and tasteless,” the company said in Wolfsburg. One can understand that the clip leads to outrage and anger among many observers. «We distance ourselves from it and apologize for it. We will explain how this could happen – and draw the consequences. »

Against the background of its own company history, Volkswagen is positioning itself against all forms of racism, xenophobia and discrimination, explained the Wolfsburg-based company. The apology was also spread on Instagram. “As you can imagine, we are surprised and shocked that our Instagram story can be so misunderstood,” VW initially wrote.

However, this apology was only partially accepted. «So everything just imagined and a misunderstanding? Sorry, but we are not imagining racism, »says an Instagram user. Many also wondered why all control bodies could fail.

Results and consequences are published

«We are ashamed of it and cannot explain it today. All the more we will make sure that we clarify this process, »said Jürgen Stackmann, Sales Director. The advertising video offends “every decent person”. The results and consequences of the investigation would be made public.

And another fun fact at the end: The new Golf, which is advertised in the spot, cannot currently be delivered because there are problems with the electronic emergency assistant eCall.



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