WHO acknowledges that “evidence” of airborne transmission of Covid-19 emerges

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized this Tuesday (06/07/2020) that “evidence” of airborne transmission of COVID-19 is emerging, after a group of 239 international scientists warned about this possible form of contagion.

“We recognize that evidence is emerging in this regard and therefore we must remain open to this possibility and its implications, as well as to the precautions to be taken,” said Benedetta Allegranzi, a WHO official at a telematic press conference.

COVID-19 pandemic continues to accelerate

For his part, the director general of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, stressed that the pandemic is accelerating, as shown by the increasing number of daily cases, although its fatality has stabilized, since “many countries have managed to reduce the number of deaths”.

“It took 12 weeks (the first three months of 2019) to reach 400,000 cases of COVID-19, and only last weekend there were already that same number of new cases in the world,” Tedros exemplified at a press conference.

The figures, he added, show that “the peak of the pandemic has clearly not been reached,” with a current rate of some 200,000 new infections per day, although “the number of deaths seems to have stabilized worldwide”, around 5,000 deaths. reported daily since the beginning of May.

Tedros attributed the reduction in fatality (which exceeded 5 per cent when its epicenter was in Europe and now stands at 4.5 per cent) to the fact that some countries “have implemented actions to protect the most vulnerable groups”, for example, people in nursing homes and other care facilities.

The head of the WHO stressed that this body continues to consider COVID-19 “a public enemy number one, because it combines its rapid transmission with its lethal nature”, so he reiterated his call for global unity, above the divisions policies, in the fight against this disease.

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