A new call to comply with biosecurity measures among them the physical distancing to avoid crowds made the representative of the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization PAHO / WHO for Colombia, Gina Tambini.

The health representative warned that this is one of the biggest problems in Europe when there is an increase in the number of infections, which occurs due to crowds and lack of care.

“Most of the population is susceptible, we still don’t have a vaccineWe do not have an evidence-based treatment scheme for this new disease, and we also do not know what immunity gives us when the disease gives us how long it lasts and the amount of protection we can have ”, he indicated.

He stressed that the director general of the OMS / OPS Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, In the presence of the different ministers of Europe, he emphasized four fundamental aspects to prevent contagion in Europe.

“You have to avoid crowds in places like discos or places where there is a greater accumulation of people and there is no good ventilation ”, he indicated.

He added that you can’t let your guard down with protection of the elderly.

“People over 60 and those with chronic diseases should be cared for in order to reduce the burden on health institutions and save lives,” said the WHO representative.

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Tambini affirmed that it is necessary to continue educating communities so that they can protect themselves by implementing self-care measures such as physical distancing, hand washing and the good use of the mask.

“Continue to reinforce basic measures in public health such as increasing the capacity for tests, detection, defined isolation and traceability, which is well known in Colombia cLike PRASS, “he noted.

The WHO representative added that cases could increase in countries such as Russia, Spain, France and the United Kingdom due to crowds and lack of care in biosafety protocols.

Faced with the actions in Colombia and the lessons that must be acquired from the experiences of other countries, he pointed out that: “if we do the actions together, we will be able to continue opening the economic sectors in a safe way; It is important to remember that we are all susceptible because the virus continues to circulate in the region and that individual responsibility of each person is important “.

Great care

For his part, the Minister of Health Fernando Ruiz, also called on Colombians to avoid crowds in the country, considering that they are the greatest risk of coronavirus infections, which would represent the appearance of outbreaks at the national level.

According to the official, contagion by Covid-19 in different cities the country has been in decline, so you can not lower your guard.

“Agglomerations of more than 50 people are prohibited, this is contained in Resolution 1462 that extended the health emergency due to covid-19 until next November 30“, he claimed.

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He also said that an event in which a large number of people are present and the participants are standing or moving throughout the event is considered high risk.

“The contagion is decreasing in the main cities, so the recommendations that we issue as a health authority must be taken into account to avoid outbreaks and protect the health of all Colombians,” he said.

He added that contagions can also occur in those long events, where there is also no physical distancing.

“The above, not counting also not wearing masks, sharing materials and physical elements and not having frequent hand washing, represent a high level of infections,” he said.

Research carried out by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explained that infections occur between people who are in close contact with each other.

“Through respiratory droplets or small particles, such as aerosols, which are produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, sings, speaks or breathes,” they noted.

They stressed that the correct use of the mask is important, in addition to two meter physical distance between people.


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