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IDEAonline – Some time ago there was a scene with the emergence of varian Omicron.

This variant is referred to, as the latest mutation after varian Delta and now it has started to spread.

Nevertheless, WHO announced that there is a new mutation of Covid-19 which is said to contain 46 viral mutations.

This adds to the long list of mutations corona virus which keeps changing from time to time.

WHO incident management director Abdi Mahamud said at a press conference in Geneva (Switzerland).

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That IHU has been a concern of WHO since it was first detected in France. However, there is no indication that this variant poses a threat.

According to the magazine Time, IHU was detected in 12 cases in the southern Alps around the same time as Omicron was detected in South Africa late last year.

Omicron has spread around the world and caused a record number of infections.

Unlike the variant that scientists at the IHU Mediterranee Infection Research Institute (France) have dubbed IHU.

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The first patient infected with IHU was vaccinated and had just returned from Cameroon, scientists announced in late December last year.

They also stressed that “it is too early to determine the virological, epidemiological, or clinical features of IHU based on these 12 infections”.

The WHO tracks many variants, and when it finds one that poses a significant risk, it declares it a “variable of concern”.

IHU is only one variant under investigation.

To date, IHUs have been detected mainly in France. This variant has 46 mutations, including several in spike protein but does not appear to be capable of spreading rapidly.

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According to Outbreak.info, a website that tracks variant spread based on genetic sequencing databases, the last IHU was discovered on December 25.

Since then, there have been no new infections associated with this variant.

“Currently, there is no data to suggest that IHU is a panic- or anxiety-causing variant,” expert Vinod Scaria of the Institute of Genes and Integrative Biology (India) confirmed on Jan. 4.

However, this is certainly a variant that we will have to watch out for in the coming weeks.

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