Who are the women who surround Milei, the next Argentine president?

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From his all-powerful sister and guru to his candidate for vice president, through his personal makeup artist or his girlfriend – a popular impersonator of former president Cristina Fernández -, the particular female universe that surrounds the next Argentine president, Javier Milei, provokes disbelief and fascination in the country.

Comparable to the cast of a Pedro Almodóvar film, the extravagant ‘troupe’ of women who accompany the leader of La Libertad Avanza (far-right), Karina Milei, Victoria Villarruel, Lilia Lemoine and Fátima Flórez, It has raised all kinds of speculation and controversy.

However, the Argentine feminist movement has insisted that the economist’s ideas endanger the rights of women and, therefore, those of the entire society. However, despite the constant accusations against him of misogyny and machismo, his closest circle is made up mainly of women.

For her brother she is ‘The Boss’, since she was the guru of the La Libertad Avanza campaign; she has been compared to Isabel Perón, former Argentine president (1974-1976) and widow of General Juan Domingo Perón, and with Kim Yo-jongthe sister of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un.

Graduated in Public Relations and a fan of tarot, she is 51 years old – two younger than her brother – and has become his main advisor and confidant, to the point that her brother joked that she could become his “first lady” – before her relationship with Flórez became known.

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