Who built Line 12 of the CdMx Metro?

The companies in charge of the construction of Metro Line 12, which on Monday night had a fatal accident when a train derailed between Olivos and Tezonco stations, were ICA-Carso-Alstom, which obtained the contract to carry out the civil and electromechanical works.

The government of the then Federal District agreed with the consortium to give 17.5 billion pesos instead of the 19.5 billion pesos proposed by the consortium.

The construction of this work began in July 2008, under the management of Marcelo Ebrard, and was inaugurated for operations on October 30, 2012, 10 months after the agreed contractual date.

Also, on May 31, 2010, andl STC signed a service contract with the company CAF for 30 new railway rolling trains and maintenance services, equipment, spare parts and readjustment of the workshops for one thousand 588 million 152 thousand 500 dollars.

After starting operations, Metro line 12 registered problems, since on November 14, 2013 The ILF company, on behalf of international certifiers hired by the Federal District Metro Project, issued an opinion that indicated the lack of maintenance of the electromechanical work of L12.

On March 11, 2014, the director of the Metro, Joel Ortega, announced that the suspension of passenger service for the section between the Tláhuac and Atlalilco stations due to a structural failure of the road.

Construction companies respond

Given the incident last night on line 12 of the Metro, lto ICA company, which participated in the consortium that built the work, commented that at the moment it will not give a position.

In accordance with business group building scheme, the section where the accident happened yesterday was the responsibility of Grupo Carso, Carlos Slim company.

In the case of ICA, its participation in the construction was 13 stations, from Mixcoac to Calle 11 and another two on the Tlaltenco-Tláhuac route.

For its part, Cicsa Operator (Carso Infraestructura y Construcción), by Carlos Slim, responsible for the construction of the section where the Olivos station is located, where a structure collapsed yesterday, “regrets what happened and sympathizes with the victims of the Metro Line 12 accident and their families,” said a company spokesperson .

In addition, he added that “Cicsa is going to wait for the results of the expert opinion that is carried out on these facts.”

Meanwhile, hea business Alstom specified that your participation in the construction of this line it was limited to power supply, signaling, monitoring and control systems and some warehouse equipment, as well as testing and commissioning of a part of the electromechanical and road work subsystems.

In a statement, the Mexican subsidiary of the French company expressed its condolences from Alstom to the victims and their loved ones. According to the most recent report, 24 people lost their lives due to the collapse of a trab on Line 12 of the Metro.



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