WHO clarifies comments on COVID-19 card and congratulates Chile “for its excellent actions”

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The World Health Organization (WHO) specified your statements regarding the COVID-19 card that the Government of Chile will begin to implement as of next week.

On Friday, consulted at a press conference by T13.cl about this matter, the agency’s Emergency Director, Michael J. Ryan, called for caution.

Countries must be very cautious at this time, we need to be very sure which tests are going to define the state of an individual, and there is a lot of uncertainty around what types of tests they would be, and how effective they are ”, was his answer.

On Monday, in a new address, Ryan said he wanted to clarify this: “I think the colleague asked about high-clinic exams. I misunderstood that and talked about antibody tests in general“.

“My comments on antibody tests are recorded and I am very satisfied with those comments. But I wanted to clarify that I was not talking about the criteria for discharge clinics currently used in Chile, which are in accordance with the WHO standards“, He declared.

Ryan pointed out that his comments “may have caused some confusion in Chile,” for which apologized.

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In addition, he highlighted that “Chile has launched a multisectoral response since the beginning of this epidemic and has an advisory committee for the Minister of Health of science and society ”. He also praised that our country has “One of the strongest public health systems” of the continent, “With a strong testing strategy and a fatality rate of 1% or less”.

“I would like to congratulate the Government and people of Chile for their excellent actions and apologize if my comments have caused any confusion.”added.


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