News WHO clarifies: Drinking alcoholic beverages does not help fight...

WHO clarifies: Drinking alcoholic beverages does not help fight coronavirus

World Health Organization (WHO) warned people Tuesday not to believe versions that drinking strong alcoholic beverages will help combat coronavirus COVID-19.

The agency’s European office said “fear and misinformation have spawned a dangerous myth that high-concentration alcohol consumption can kill the virus that causes COVID-19. It does not.”

He warned that alcohol consumption always represents a health risk, especially if it is highly concentrated or adulterated with methanol, because that can cause death.

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The agency says alcohol is responsible for one million deaths in Europe each year, a third of the world total.

Currently in the world about one million 945 thousand positive cases of the virus have been reported, being U.S the country with the most of these. Follows Spain, Italy, France and Germany. However, none of these countries that follow the North American country reaches 200,000, while the United States exceeds 500,000.

According to the map of the Johns Hopkins University, almost 3 million people have recovered from the disease, while some 121 thousand have died.



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