WHO Director General Officially Resigns, Becomes PepsiCo Boss

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Director General of the World Trade Organization (IN THAT), Roberto Azevedo, today officially resigned from his position and was lined up to become a senior at PepsiCo.

Reporting from AFPMonday (31/8), Azevedo officially resigned after seven years as Director General of the WTO. He will take on a new position as executive vice president and head of corporate affairs at PepsiCo, according to a statement from the US beverage and snack giant.

The company said it had created a role for Azevedo that would work to “strengthen PepsiCo’s external engagement efforts with national and international (authorities), regulators, international organizations and non-governmental stakeholders”.

The head of PepsiCo, Ramon Laguarta, said Azevedo would bring “valuable political skills and technical knowledge about the complex social, political and regulatory environment” that impacted the company.

“It is a pleasure to join PepsiCo at a time when strengthening the links between business, government and society is essential to producing sustainable and inclusive long-term growth,” Azevedo said in a statement.

In May, Azevedo made the surprise announcement that he would end his second term at the WTO 12 months earlier, for “personal reasons”. He left when the organization was in various crises.

One of the eight candidates currently in the running to replace him will take control amid the devastating global economic downturn triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, trade negotiations seemed hopelessly stuck, and trade tensions between the United States and China continued to escalate.

At the same time, the appeals arm of the WTO Dispute Resolution Agency, sometimes referred to as the world trade supreme court, ceased functioning in December after years of relentless US opposition.

The United States has accused the court of gross misconduct and has blocked the appointment of new judges, leaving him without the quorum needed to hear cases.

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