Health WHO Director General says current cases of coronavirus transmission...

WHO Director General says current cases of coronavirus transmission could be “the tip of the iceberg”

Tedros Adhanom, director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), said that the cases of coronavirus transmission that have occurred among people who have not set foot in China they could be “the tip of the iceberg.”

“There were some worrying cases of the spread of # 2019nCoV in people with no travel history” to China, Adhanom wrote on Twitter on Sunday, using the virus’s scientific name.

He added that: “The detection of a small number of cases may indicate a more widespread transmission in other countries. In summary, it is possible that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg “.

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“I reiterate my call to all countries to share what they know about the coronavirus in real time with the World Health Organization. I reiterate my call for calm. I reiterate my call for human, financial and scientific solidarity. Any failure in solidarity is a victory for the virus“He also wrote on his official profile on the social network last Sunday.

China’s National Health Commission confirmed Saturday night that 89 more people died from the Wuhan coronavirus, bringing the number of deaths globally to 813.

Given the possible arrival of the coronavirus in Chile, he Government declared a health alert throughout Chile.

“It is important to say that we are decreeing this health alert before we have a case. In Chile we do not have cases of coronavirus, but it will allow us, the Ministry of Health, to take all the necessary measures, and it gives all the attributions that the sanitary code dictates to us to be able to take charge of this situation “, explained the Minister (s) of Health, Paula Daza, in Today is news of CNN Chile.



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