WHO does not recommend the introduction of vaccination passports against COVID-19

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The WHO said that it is not yet recommended to introduce vaccination passports

It is not yet recommended to introduce certificates or passports for those vaccinated against COVID-19 for travel, since not everyone has the opportunity to be vaccinated yet, the WHO says.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has not yet recommended the introduction of passports for those vaccinated against COVID-19, said the organization’s representative in Russia Melita Vujnovich. About this on Wednesday, March 3, writes TASS.

However, she did not rule out that later the organization will give countries its recommendations on this issue.

“But, of course, countries are going their own way, everyone is trying to allow greater mobility of the population, and WHO will cooperate with all countries that are interested, and at some point will provide its recommendation on what such a passport should contain,” she added …

Earlier, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said that introduction of a “green passport” on the territory of Europe on coronavirus will enable citizens to return to travel between the countries of the European Union.

Recall Israeli government presented “green passport”, which can be received by those citizens who have had a coronavirus or have been vaccinated from it.

Before that, we wrote that Bahrain introduces COVID digital passport system… You will need to register in a special application 14 days after the second injection of the vaccine.

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