Who else? The singer and his new girl at the airport Even if you haven’t divorced your wife, the famous page pointed out.. not the same person!

Jay Moy 108 reveals new clues celebrity gossip news A famous singer, out of love, does not want to divorce his wife. But with another girl at the airport, it’s clear… not the same person, who else?

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Suddenly, there is a story for the mount legs, the taro legs to keep an eye on each other again. Recently (May 10, 2023), the famous page Jay Moy 108 has posted clues about “A famous singer” With a new girl, even though he hasn’t divorced his wife, tells a short but strong story! as follows…

“falling out of love” not wrong but out of love don’t divorce wife And go with someone new.. That’s wrong. A famous singer I Pim met at the airport with Ying..as well. #Epimmia Attorney James”

This event made many people watch. I wonder which couple you mean? Will it be a couple that has been in the news before? Which Jay Moi 108 said in the comments that “You go find some new people, ghost.” It’s a confirmation that this time it’s a new story, a new pair, and which pair will it be… We have to wait and follow!

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