Who gets the free vaccine?


Find out who can receive the flu vaccine for free in Chile.

© Agency OneWho can be vaccinated for free against influenza in Chile?

The Influenza It is a respiratory disease that is highly infectious. The virus mainly affects nose, throat, bronchi and in some occasions it can also be affected lungs. Find out who can get vaccinated for free in Chile.

Who can get vaccinated for free in Chile?

It should be clarified that the flu vaccine from the Ministry of Health It is completely free for the target groups and also when it is applied in the public or private vacuatorios in agreement.

Who can get vaccinated against influenza?

  1. Pregnant (at any stage of pregnancy).
  2. Boys and girls from 6 months to 5th grade.
  3. People aged 65 and over.
  4. Chronic patients from 11 to 64 years.
  5. Health personnel.
  6. Poultry and pig farm workers.
  7. Workers in preschool and school education up to fifth grade.
  8. Elderly caregivers and ELEAM officials.
  9. Relatives of premature infants of less than 37 weeks of gestation.
  10. Relatives of immunosuppressed infants under 6 months of age.

When does the campaign start?

The influenza vaccination process for these priority groups of the population started this March 15. It should be noted that it will be extended for a period of two months and/or until a 85% coverage for this target group.

What vaccine will be applied?

From Minsal they reported that during this 2023 it will be administered a trivalent dosis from the Abbott laboratory that complies with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

What document should I submit?

Once you go to inoculate yourself against the Influenza you must present your identity card, control card or other reliable means of verifying your identity and age.

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