Who has the best 5G network speed in Taiwan? SPEEDTEST’s latest Q3Q4 report is out!

Internationally renowned internet speed testing company~SPEEDTEST on January 18thOfficial websiteAnnounced Taiwan’s Q3Q4 mobile network quality survey report in 2021, and scored the 5G network speed, latency, and consistency scores of mobile network services of major telecommunications companies in Taiwan. Asia Pacific Telecom joined this report for the first time. The performance of major telecommunications in 5G has their own strengths in the three evaluations. Compared with the previous season, who has improved and who has regressed? The following is an analysis:

source: Speedtest

1.5G download score and median speed:

In the 5G Speedtest Score (SpeedTest Score) section, Chunghwa Telecom once again won the championship with a score of 386.16, Far EasTone ranked second with 288.64Mbps, and was the only company whose scores declined in Q3Q4; Taiwan Big Brother and Asia Pacific Telecom ranked third with 245.55 and 224.11 respectively. And fourth, Taiwan Star, which has a smaller bandwidth, is at the bottom.

PS: Asia Pacific Telecom uses Far EasTone 5G network + ENDC Asia Pacific 4G network

In the part of 5G download median network speed, Chunghwa Telecom continued to be the champion of Taiwan’s 5G download speed with 427.88Mbps, and Far EasTone ranked second with 319.05bps. Both companies’ 5G download speed declined compared to the previous quarter; Taiwan big brother China Telecom, Asia Pacific Telecom, and Taiwan Star ranked 3rd, 4th, and 5th. The 5G download speed is positively correlated with the 5G bandwidth held.

2.5G upload speed median:

In terms of 5G upload median network speed, Far EasTone ranked first in Taiwan’s 5G upload speed with 46.9Mbps, Chunghwa Telecom ranked second with 39.04Mbps, Asia Pacific Telecom, Taiwan Big Brother, and Taiwan Star ranked 3rd, 4th, and 4th. 5, and the 5G upload speed of Telecom Sanxiong has dropped significantly.

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Taiwan’s Q3Q4 5G download and upload speeds declined compared to the previous quarter. Moderators speculate that in addition to the continuous growth of Taiwan’s 5G users, and the impact of the epidemic in the third quarter, Taiwan’s mobile users’ data usage has increased significantly, which has also dragged down 5G networks. speed.

3. 2021 Q4 Internet Quality Scores of Various Businesses:

Speestest’s official website also announced the 2021 Q4 mobile network latency and consistency scores of various telecom operators. The performance of Taiwan’s telecom operators is as follows:

A. Delay :

In the mobile network (4G+5G) delay part, Chunghwa Telecom performed the best with 13 seconds, followed by Far EasTone and Asia Pacific Telecom with 14 seconds. The best performers in last quarter, Taiwan Big Brother and Taiwan Star, performed the best with 16 seconds. Seconds last. However, all operators improved on the latency metrics in the fourth quarter.

B. Consistency Score:

[Consistency Score]is an indicator used to identify the quality of mobile networks. It reflects the percentage of telecommunications provider data samples that meet the minimum download and upload speed values. The higher the consistency score, the more likely consumers are Enjoy acceptable network performance and quality. Conformance scores for 5G networks use 25 Mbps minimum download speed (recommended for 4K streaming) and 3 Mbps minimum upload speed values.
In the fourth quarter of 2021, Far EasTone had the highest Consistency Score ™ in Taiwan, with 93.9% of the results showing a minimum download speed of at least 5 Mbps and a minimum upload speed of 1 Mbps as the best performer, with all operators on the Consistency Score metric Progress.

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As Taiwan’s Big Brother announced that it will acquire Taiwan Star, Far EasTone is also expected to become the largest shareholder of Asia Pacific Telecom as soon as June this year. What’s worse? You can only wait and see how it changes!

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