Health WHO highlights Chile for making only 2 methodological changes...

WHO highlights Chile for making only 2 methodological changes in the case count

The Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, reported that the World Health Organization (WHO) conducted a study on how the Covid-19 case reporting systems evolved in different countries of the world, either by updating figures or making methodological changes in how to count confirmed cases.

Paris stressed that the report on changes and errors in the data puts Chile “In a very good position and it highlights that we have only made two methodological changes that the population and specialists in Chile know very well.”

“These changes have been to correct and make our figures much more efficient and clearer,” explained the Minister of Health. And among the examples, he mentioned the modifications made by countries such as Germany (7) France (7), Sweden (26), Switzerland (7) and the United States (7).

Paris also highlighted that in the last few hours in Chile, 3,857,820 PCR tests have been carried out, thus reaching a rate of 196,660 tests per million inhabitants, a number close to developed countries.

This, according to the minister, has been achieved by the improvement that has been made to the testing, traceability and isolation strategy and “allows Chile to be recognized today as the country that performs more tests of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in all of Latin America ”.

Related to the above, the Secretary of State highlighted that the positivity of the tests at the national level reached 5.2%, while the Metropolitan Region “today breaks a record and reaches only 3%, despite the fact that we have done a very important number of exams ”.

In addition, Minister Paris stressed that the variation in confirmed cases continues to decline, since, to date, there is a drop of 6% in the last seven days and 9% in the last 14. However, he assured that as health authorities they remain concerned due to the advance of the pandemic and you should not lower your arms in the fight against the disease.


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