WHO indicates that it approves research in Africa for natural remedies against covid-19 and other epidemics | International

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The World Health Organization (WHO) indicated this Saturday that it supports the research in Africa of natural remedies to fight covid-19 and other epidemics.

Experts from WHO and two other organizations “They approved a protocol for phase 3 clinical trials of phytotherapy against Covid-19”said the organization’s African regional headquarters in Brazzaville.

“Phase 3 clinical trials are essential to fully evaluate the safety and efficacy of a new medical product “, recalled the WHO.

“The emergence of covid-19, in the same way as the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, exposed the need to strengthen health systems, and accelerate research and development programs, in particular traditional medicines, “said Dr. Prosper Tumusiime, one of the WHO experts, quoted in the statement.

“If a traditional medicine product proves to be safe, effective and of guaranteed quality, WHO will recommend large-scale and rapid local manufacturing “he added.

WHO’s two partners are the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the African Union Commission for Social Affairs.

The epidemic has reopened the debate on traditional medicines in Africa.

But some initiatives have been controversial, such as the one in Madagascar, which delivered to several African countries lots of a mugwort-based drink, a plant with a therapeutic effect against malaria, and that Malagasy President Andry Rajoelina assured was effective against covid-19.


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