“A businessman franco-tunisian”. This is how Mourad Boudjellal has described the one with whom he has a project to rebuild the Olympic of Marseille, without the city its name. According to information from the AFP, this mysterious investor would be Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi, a former engineer and now a businessman, engaged, and influential.

Inventor, entrepreneur and businessman

In 1977, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi joined the Pas-de-Calais and the company’s ISEE (specialising in work oil and maritime) that he bought only three years later. The beginning of a long entrepreneurial career. Because it remains in the domain then creating his first company FRIENDS (Artois Maintenance Industries Services) that he does live up in 1989. In the 1980s, Ajroudi also talk about his creativity through his inventions. It created, among other things, Sportvert, a machine carrying a football pitch in a week, Portube II, an underground irrigation system, or a tunnel boring machine for the company Perforex.

Ajroudi will then establish several companies based in France, Tunisia, or Saudi Arabia. To expand his empire, he signed a number of partnerships (Suez for example), the most famous being the one with the group CNIM (Constructions navales et industrielles de la Méditerranée) which is active in serving the communities in many sectors (environmental, energy, defense, high technology). In 2010, he created a company-mixed, ONAS International (National Sanitation Office), providing expert opinions and studies to companies of Gulf countries in the field of the environment. An empire which will then become as much political as it is economic.

Influence became political

On its official website, it was indicated that the powerful business man ‘advises and meeting the great people of this world, ” quoting John Kerry (former secretary of State, United States) and Emmanuel Macron. This is not the only time that it appears to the sides of a head of the French State. Two years earlier, he posed alongside François Hollande (November 3, 2016). A cliché among many others published on his page Facebook, where you perceive a friendship with the former minister of culture Jack Lang. Their last meeting dates back to only a few days at the coming of the franco-tunisian in Paris. The two men were visibly in a visit to the Institute of the arab world in the beginning of the week, accompanied by the ambassador of France in Tunisia. A passage in the capital, where he would have the opportunity to discuss with Mourad Boudjellal on the project marseille?

Politically, the businessman agrees to his native country, Tunisia. In 2013, Ajroudi founded a political party, ‘the Movement of The Tunisian to the freedom and dignity’, but he left after less than a year later, abandoning his candidacy for the legislative and justifying its motivations ‘are not ‘ mercantilist’. It also works for peace in Libya through several humanitarian and diplomatic. It also engages in the fighting green. For example, it has participated in the COP 21 in 2015 as a ‘great maker’. It has also invested at the end of the 1980s, in the association R20 founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Twice accused, always paid

But the long career Ajroudi is obviously not made of success. In 2004, it attempts to create a rapprochement with the multinational Veolia, but the discussions are very heated. Many disagreements are born in particular on the proportion of shares in share or on false charges that he would have made. After having been assaulted in her suite at the hotel George-V, Ajroudi is accused of fraud and breach of trust, a complaint ultimately dismissed following coming into a partnership death in the egg. More recently, it has also been condemned by 2018 to a year in prison for possession of a weapon (a gun) and false contract within the string Al Janoubia (of which he is the owner) in a litigation against the founder of the chain, Farhat Jouini, before being acquitted in 2019.

And the sport in all of this ? Beyond his invention Sportvert, Ajroudi is president of the football club of tunisia, the Stadium nabeulien, since 2017 and has also managed a club of handball, the AS Hammamet, between 2016 and 2017. In one of his rare interventions in media, the Ajroudi qualifies as ‘industrial’ and made a confidence which seems more topical than ever. ‘I am a builder. My greatest pleasure is when I start a project’. The OM looks gigantic.

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