Who is Shakira’s rival, 23-year-old Clara Marti

Instagram is asking who is Pique’s new girlfriend?

What is known about the chosen one of the athlete? Gerard’s new love is student Clara Chia Marti, she is 23 years old. The girl works part-time at Pique’s company, where they also met.

“Gerard and Clara have been dating for several months. She is a student who works at his company organizing events. The lovers hid their relationship, but everyone around knew what was happening. Those closest to him helped him keep this affair a secret and deleted Clara’s social media accounts so that people could not find her photos. His friends thought he was really in a serious relationship with her,” notes a well-informed person.

Although Gerard’s acquaintances repeat how hard he feels about breaking up with Shakira, few believe it. Recently, he made serious demands on the former after learning that she wanted to take her sons to America.

Pique agreed that the children move to the United States, but on the condition that the ex pays him 400 thousand euros so that he can pay off his debts, and also provides him with five flights a year to the States and only business class. Whether the owner of the Grammy agreed to this is still unknown.

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