Who is the actress who refused to kiss her because she smells bad? .. An unexpected bold response from Adel Imam.. Get to know her

A number of social media pioneers circulated old statements by the artist, leader Adel Imam, as he talked about his artistic beginnings and the scenes of his relations with his colleagues in the artistic community.

But the artist, Adel Imam, did not hesitate to talk about the personal side a lot. He only mentioned his children and the name of his wife. He also talked about the artists he likes to deal with and whom he considers successful and distinguished actresses.

During the meeting, the announcer asked an embarrassing question, as she said: “Who of the actresses who refused to kiss her because she was wild, or, as it was said at the time, that her smell was not good?”

He answered boldly, saying: “It does not smell bad, as you said, but I refused to kiss it for another reason. I can’t say what it is.. As for who it is, it is Nahed Yousry.”

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