Who is the Mandalika Circuit Architect who stole Rossi’s attention?

SOLOPOS.COM – Aerial photos of the fifth and sixth corners of the Mandalika International Street Circuit in the Mandalika Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Pujut, Praya, Central Lombok, NTB, Sunday (15/8/2021). (BETWEEN PHOTOS/Ahmad Subaidi)

Solopos.com, MATARAM — Who do you think is the architect behind the beauty? Mandalika Circuit from Lombok Central, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB)?

For information, the circuit which has a length of 4.31 kilometers is stealing the attention of racers Valentino Rossi.

Rossi when interviewed by the presenter Trans 7, Lucy Wiryono regarding the challenge of racing in Mandalika, he said he needed to try it first. However, he has seen there are a number of corners that will make him go fast.

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According to him, the corners at the Mandalika Circuit are very fun to race MotoGP.

“I have seen the layout [lay out], and a video of the track. looks there are some bends to go fast, it will be fun to race. But to understand the circuit as a whole, the track must be completed first. And I went down directly with the motorbike to try it,” said Rossi in the interview which was re-uploaded by the Youtube account, Nurdien Korindo, (20/5/2021).

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In addition to the bends, another specification of the Lombok Mandalika Circuit that is of concern to Rossi is its location.

Then, who is the architect who created the beauty of the Mandalika Circuit in Central Lombok?

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Mandalika Lombok Circuit Architect from England

The architect turned out to be from English. British company Populous was appointed as the developer of this 17-corner circuit.

“We trust Populous, they already have big names to build on venue sport around the world,” explained the Director of the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC), Abdulbar Mansoer, last Monday (25/2/2019).

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Populous is a company that has experience and often holds international events in the field of sports, one of which is building Wembley Stadium.

Having the beauty of the Populous architect, the Mandalika Lombok area including the circuit is one of the five Super Priority Destinations from the Ministry of Tourism and deserves to be a location tour sports or sport tourism.

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“This is a very decent place as a location sport tourism, We invite communities to coordinate with ITDC to start organizing events throughout the year ahead of the MotoGP event. So that we can increase our enthusiasm and motivate and promote MotoGP, so that its vibration can be felt throughout Indonesia,” he said Bisnis.com (17/1/2021).


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