Who is the mask? Sandra Echeverría is one step away from being a finalist

Tonight it was defined which characters will go to the end of the third season from Who is the mask?, and the last expelled, prior to that closure, was Android, who turned out to be nothing more and nothing less than Sandra Echeverría.

Sandra Echeverria She had already guessed that she was the one underneath, she even mentioned Savages, a film in which Sandra acted, and of which by the way, she told an anecdote, as it turns out that they were filming that film with Salma Hayek when suddenly they called him from the label she was working on at the time to tell her that they weren’t going to record with her anymore.

“The world came over me and Salma told me: don’t be afraid to dream big, and I will always remember her words.”

When she was discovered, the actress shared that although her thing is a little more rancheras, she did her part to interpret the other genres that the competition demanded, to which Yuri replied that she did not shrink because she had made it great.

Lazy, Gypsy, Carnivore, Hueva, and Apache are the contestants who reach the end of the competence.

According to the researchers, who could be under Hueva could be Saak, according to Juanpa; Sergio Mayer Mori, according to Mónica Huarte and Carlos Rivera, and Emilio Osorio, according to Yuri. The public has also commented on social networks that Hueva is the son of Niurka Marcos and Juan Osorio, but it will not be known until next Sunday.

As for Stone Man, people on social networks are inclined by the names of Gloria Trevi and even Alejandra Guzman. This character is new to the competition, which has posed a new challenge for the public and researchers.

When it appeared, Juanpa Zurita He released that it was Babo, from Cartel de Santa, Yuri said it was Isabel de Pandora or Maluma, but this week, in the duets, it was discovered that her voice is female.

Who is the Mask? airs on Sundays at 8:30 p.m. by Las Estrellas.

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