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“I married”. Teo Mammucari, on Instagram, shocks the fans and announces that he has gone up to the altar with “Arianna”: “Few real friends and a big thank you to Don Filippo for his beautiful ceremony, a hug to everyone”, writes the popular protagonist, among others show mediaset, by You are worth it e Hyenas. But something does not return.

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The photo published on the social network is in fact taken from the film Piper of Carlo Vanzina of 2007, played by Mammucari himself and by Anna Falchi, which is no coincidence that it is the woman dressed in white that the funny joker Teo kisses on Instagram. There are those who suggest that it is not just a joke, but even a lost bet with the other judges of You are worth it. The first to comment? just Gerry Scotti, with an emblematic “male children”.



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