Who is Yasmine Nayyar? .. The most important information about Al-Sobki’s divorced woman after the “screenshot” crisis (photos)

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In two days I became Yasmine Nayyar It is the most widely used name, especially with its name being associated with the famous producer Muhammad Al-Sabki, where she published pictures of private conversations between them, and Yasmine Nayyar denied that she had blackmailed the producer Muhammad Al-Sabki, and blew up a heavy-caliber surprise in 2019, that she was married to the producer Muhammad Al-Sabki, She broke up with him, before he asked her to return again, and published a screenshot of electronic conversations between them via a mobile phone, and the following is the most prominent information about Yasmine Nayyar.

Mona is Yasmine Nayyar

Yasmine Nayyar was born in 1990, she is 31 years old.

Born in Algeria, she has Swiss citizenship.

Her first lyrical work was a song called “Bishwish”.

Yasmine Nayyar started her artistic career in 2016.

She sued the artist, Issam Karika, because of her contract with him on a song, and the agreement was not completed.

She is followed by a huge number of followers through social networking sites, as she has 3 million and 300 thousand followers on her page on the social networking site “Facebook”.

Yasmine Nayyar denied that she had blackmailed producer Mohamed El-Sobky to obtain half a million dollars.

The Algerian artist explained that during the period of her marriage to El-Sobky, which lasted for several months, he did not spend on her, in addition to receiving great harm from him, which forced her to leave him and move to her residence in the Swiss capital.

Although Muhammad Al-Sobki denied his marriage to Yasmine Nayyar, the latter claimed during the year 2020, through her official account on the “Facebook” website, that he wanted to return to her, and even sent her flight tickets to return from Switzerland to Egypt.

Yasmine Nayyar is famous for her bold images, which she always shares with her followers on her personal pages.

And what brought Yasmine Nayyar to the spotlight is her response to her constant question about her marriage to producer Mohamed El-Sobky or not? Where, “Nyar” published part of a conversation she had with El-Sobky, and he begged her to return again, saying: “Are you really married to El-Sobky?” This is a question from Follower yesterday and my response to him, good morning to all my dear loved ones, I do not go back to a man who wronged me, a divorce marriage, praise be to God, I came out of him with the least losses, and the hour came I want to return him and I do not want. ”


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