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With the coronavirus crisis, the alternatives we have to access verified information are accelerating. All social networks, video platforms such as YouTube, search engines and, of course, WhatsApp, are removing the foundations of their services to strive because we have as quickly as possible verified information about the pandemic.

It is a way of making the population aware of the measures they can take to help stop the pandemic and that this quarantine situation passes in the shortest possible time. Y WhatsApp is news again for an important novelty that has to do with the chatbot what premiered Ten days ago the World Health Organization (WHO).

Now finally in Spanish

As we tell you, From this morning you already have the official WHO chat on your WhatsApp in perfect Spanish, with all the data you need to protect yourself from the pandemic. The way to activate it is similar to the English version, only with a slight change: the keyword that subscribes you (it’s free) to the service.

WHO WhatsApp chat in Spanish.

To enter that channel you simply have to press in this link, both on the mobile and on the computer, so that the window with the chat appears. Even if you are inside, no information will come to you because as a method of acceptance you have to send a message: “Hello”. It will be from there that all the available options appear, which are, essentially, the same as in the chatbot in English only with an addition, the possibility of changing the language. These are all the options you have:

  1. Latest figures πŸ”’
  2. How to protect yourself πŸ‘
  3. Frequently Asked Questions ❓
  4. Rumors πŸ›‘
  5. Travel tips πŸ—ΊοΈ
  6. News πŸ“°
  7. Share ⏩
  8. Donate πŸ₯°
  9. Change language 🌐

As we told you on the previous occasion, to access the information in each section we can either send the number or the emoticon that appears at the end of the sentence. In this way we will receive an answer that not only includes text, but also some videos where they explain what to do at all times.

It is important to say that, in this way, WhatsApp reinforces its movements in recent weeks that have sought to banish this image from the source of infection informative, thanks to an initiative that tries to offer its billions of users around the world a verified source of data, far from that flood of hoaxes and fake news that we have all received in some chats since the crisis began.


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