WHO: The transmission of the coronavirus in Europe is “alarming”

The level of transmission of Covid-19 in Europe is “alarming”, said this Thursday the World Health Organization (WHO), what was said concerned about the reduction of the quarantine time decided or planned by some countries, such as France.

“The September figures should serve as an alarm for all of us” in Europe, where the number of cases is higher than those registered in March and April, declared from Copenhagen the Director for the WHO region, Hans Kluge.

The UN agency also ruled out modifying the quarantine time of 14 days, recommended for all those who have been in contact with the virus.

“Our 14-day quarantine recommendation is based on our understanding of the incubation and transmission period of the disease. We would only review it based on a change in our scientific knowledge, which is not the case at the moment “, he pointed Catherine Smallwood, in charge of emergency situations at WHO Europe.

In France, the duration of isolation was shortened to seven days in case of contact. In the UK and Ireland is ten days. Other European countries, such as Portugal and Croatia plan to shorten their quarantines.

Kluge recalled the “immense individual and social impact that a reduction in the time, even minimal, of quarantine can have”.

“I encourage the countries of the region to follow the regular scientific procedure with their experts and to explore safe options to reduce the time” of quarantinehe insisted.

The WHO Europe area, which includes 53 countries, including Russia, registers some 5 million official cases and more than 227,000 deaths from Covid-19, according to WHO figures.

As a result of a resurgence of the epidemic, but also of the fact of a greater number of tests compared to the March-April wave, the number of daily cases is around 40,000 and 50,000. In the first wave, on April 1 it had marked a record of 43,000 infections, according to these data.

The new absolute daily record was registered on September 11, with some 54,000 infections in 24 hours.

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