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Meghan Markle and the principe Harry are struggling with a huge mountain lion. The animal was seen wandering near their villa in Montecito – which is worth several million dollars – and for this they raised the alarm, asking to secure the house. The dukes of Sussex fear for their safety and that of their children, as well as that of the animals present at the villa.

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The mountain lion was filmed by security cameras moving in the dialect of a private home, a few miles away from Harry and Meghan’s mansion. It is believed that the animal has come so close to inhabited areas because it is in search of food and water: the director of the Montecito Association has ordered those who live there to protect their home and the animals that live there, in particular chickens which are a quick and easy food source for predators.

The Dukes of Sussex have chickens and also two rescue dogs. Who knows if this episode with the mountain lion may not push them to speed up the transfer, which has been talked about for some months: “They are thinking of seeing their house – revealed a source some time ago – however it will not be put on the market by the way. of their notoriety. It will only be shown to people who can prove their funds and with the confidence that they are serious buyers ”.



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