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Who wants to lead the Riga City Council – who are the candidates for the position of mayor / Article /

The second half of the summer will take place in the political environment, waiting for the extraordinary elections of the Riga City Council, which will take place on August 29. Now every voter can see which people and with what programs they want to run Riga.

“For Development / About!” and at the top of the “Progressive” list is Mārtiņš Staķis, just another Member of the Saeima and now the Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Defense,

The first issue of the new conservative party in the election is Saeima deputy Linda Ozola.

The leader of the list of the party “Honor to serve Riga” is the former mayor of Riga, currently the chairman of the Riga bus station council Oleg Burov.

The candidate for the position of “Harmony” mayor is Konstantin Chekushin, an analyst at LMT systems.

The National Association is starting together with the Association of Latvian Regions, and the candidate for the position of mayor of this list is a long-term politician, now a senior expert at the Ministry of Economics Einārs Cilinskis.

The first issue of “Jaunās Vienotības” is Vilnis Ķirsis, a deputy of the previous council and an adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The leader of the list of the Greens and Farmers’ Union is the Member of the Saeima Viktors Valainis.

The political party “Alternative” has chosen Valērijs Petrovs, a deputy of the previous council, a member of the board of SIA “Rīgas pasts”, as the first number.

The candidate for the position of mayor of the party “United for Latvia” is architect Dainis Vītols.

Miroslav Mitrofanov, the party’s co-chairman, is the candidate for the position of mayor of the Latvian Russian Union.

The first issue of the Centre’s party list is Jānis Valtervitenheim, President of the Association of Latvian Catholic Students and Academics “Dzintars”.

The first issue of the action party is Ruslans Pankratovs, the chairman of the Latvian Russian World Association.

The National Union “Taisnīgums” has nominated dentist Vilnis Strodas as the first issue.

The candidate for the position of mayor of “New Harmony” Tatjana Kargina has only indicated that she is a candidate for the position of mayor.

The first issue of the party “KPV LV” Ralfs Nemiro is the former Minister of Economy, now – a Member of the Saeima.

Political scientist Iveta Kažoka believes that this time the party programs are quite similar and in most cases promise to solve the same problems of Rigans.

“One is the issue of governance and the issue of anti-corruption, which appear in a lot of party programs. Then there are the issues of housing affordability. Environmental issues and green issues, including kindergartens and community involvement, are extremely popular in these elections. As there is quite a lot of consensus between the parties on these issues, with few exceptions, the parties will have to prove to the voters that it is their plan and their people who will be able to implement it best, ”Kažoka pointed out.

“It is also clear that there are traditional topics where opinions differ. For at least some parties, these are language issues, they are questions about the generosity of different types of social support and also such issues, the solution of which is not in the hands of the Riga City Council, but more in the Saeima – big tax policy issues, ”said the political scientist.

In the beginning of July voter poll showedthat the greatest support among Rigans was for “Harmony”, in second place was “Development / For!”, but in general the support for many parties was very similar.

Political experts predict that a new coalition is expected in Riga, but the question of what it will be like is open.

“It is quite clear that the distribution of parties under the leadership of the Riga City Council will be different than before, but exactly which parties will be there can be decided by a very small number of voters. The outline of its coalition is completely unclear. It will depend not only on such theoretical support from their voters, but on which party’s voters will go to the polls and who, despite supporting the party, will decide to stay at home, and this is largely a matter for leaders, ”Kažoka explained.


For the start of the Riga City Council emergency elections 15 political forces have appliedwho have submitted their lists of candidates.

For a reason government decision to encourage the dismissal of the Riga City Council became a waste saga. Later council management agreed to convene three consecutive meetings of the council with the opposition political forces and not to ensure a quorum in them. After three failed council meetings, Riga City Council could be declared incapacitated and its dismissal decided. And in mid-February the Saeima supported, later the president promulgated a law on the dismissal of the council.

However, the elections had to be postponed due to Covid-19, and on April 16, the Saeima agreed to support the holding of the Riga City Council (RD) extraordinary elections as a matter of urgency. 29. in August.

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