WHO warns that “perhaps never” will be a solution for the coronavirus

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The World Health Organization warned that there may never be a solution for the coronavirus and he called on the population to take all possible measures to avoid contagion.

Through an online press conference, the WHO Director General, Tedros Adhanom, I affirm that “There are a number of vaccines in phase 3 of clinical trials, but for now there is no solution, and perhaps there never will be”.

The organization’s Emergency Committee met on Friday, six months after it was agreed that the pandemic was an international public emergency. To the date more than 680 thousand people have died product of COVID-19 and outbreaks have been registered in countries that had the virus under control.

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Adhanom’s statements refer to the obstacles that testing vaccines may still encounter in the following months. Although laboratories have made promising projections, being in phase 3, they can still be found side effects or a lower than expected antibody response.

The director of the WHO said that the solution for the moment lies in public health and that people maintain physical distancing, the use of masks and hand washing.

We must constantly improve surveillance, invest in the work of health workers. It is never too late to turn things around. If we collaborate, we can save lives“He added.


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