Who was Abraham Mendoza, the journalist murdered in Michoacán?

Morelia, Michoacán.- The journalist Abraham Mendoza Mendoza He was shot to death yesterday afternoon in the city of Morelia, when he left a gym in the Gertrudis Bocanegra neighborhood.

To say of the Michoacán Prosecutor’s OfficeA subject was waiting for him on Madero Poniente avenue and shot him; yet another kept watch and one more waited in a stolen car for the getaway. All three are in custody.

The profile

Until a few months ago, Abraham Mendoza, 43 years old, hosted an informational radio program of the Basque University of Quiroga.

For seven years, he also worked in the marketing and dissemination part of a restaurant chain.

The young communicator was the host for many years of the edition of Panorama Informativo Michoacán, of Grupo ACIR, where he was also a national correspondent.

He also conducted newscasts on Central Tv, Grupo Marmor and CB Televisión, without neglecting the responsibility that he had in the informative part of some local media.

During his journalistic career, Mendoza Mendoza avoided talking about issues related to organized crime, but he was very critical of the political class.

His subjects were incisive in matters of corruption, governmental negligence and abuses of authority.

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Abraham Mendoza graduated from the Communication Sciences degree from the Universidad Vasco de Quiroga.

He studied a master’s degree in Political Communication at the Ortega y Gasset Foundation, in Madrid, Spain and certified his degree in English (Toefl) in Montreal, Canada.

In addition, he studied Marketing at the Universidad Vasco de Quiroga and sought to specialize at the Institute of Technology and High Education in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

Abraham Mendoza was in a car accident in 2015, from which he survived after several months of being in a coma.

The young communicator took up his life little by little and withdrew almost entirely from the media; he devoted himself to teaching and sporadic radio broadcasts.

He declared himself a cinephile and was a lover of music, culture and the arts, as well as the microphone.

He had no threats and there is no record that he has ever been physically assaulted. He was even highly respected and loved in the journalistic guild.

His passion for soccer made him a controversial person and he was a fan of Las Chivas del Guadalajara, a team in which he counted, he would have liked to play.

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They condemn murder

The Governor of Michoacán, Silvano Aureoles Conejo, the political class, union leaders and journalists, condemned the murder of Abraham Mendoza Mendoza and poured their expressions of affection and solidarity to his relatives.

“I am very sorry for the death of Abraham Mendoza, who was a great representative of journalism in Michoacán. In my Government, we condemn any aggression towards communicators and I trust that this regrettable fact will not go unpunished. I send a big hug to his family and friends, “the president wrote on his social networks.

The Michoacan Association of Journalists AC (Amipac) demanded the prompt clarification of the murder of the journalist “attacked with bullets in a fed-up manner.”

“No more impunity! We wish his family a speedy resignation ”, published the Michoacan Journalists Association.

These sentences were joined by union leaders such as Juan Manuel Macedo Negrete, leader of a teaching sector, as well as business leaders. Social networks were also flooded with convictions and pain for the murder, as well as solidarity with the family and friends of Abraham Mendoza.

Now, supporters and friends, demand justice.



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