World Who was Andres Arreola, the TV producer murdered?

Who was Andres Arreola, the TV producer murdered?

His philosophy of life was: all you can with record and disciplinethe limits do not exist.

So was the producer Andres Arreola, passionate about the field, his work as an entrepreneur, exercise, and above all his family and friends, and since November of last year gave his first steps as an influencer, until death cut short his life, this 19 of June, when he was wounded during a fight in the Mayor of Tlalpan.

“When I made a commitment to be an influencer, it is because I have so much to convey, so much to teach people through the networks, I am entrepreneur, artistic director, dad, son, husband, friend, I am fitness coach, cowboy; I have so much to offer, that somehow I’m interested in your mentality to change, that is to realize that there are no limits in life”, was the message that he shared in his account of Instagram to the beginning of 2020, after having suffered an injury in a leg and still train without excuses.

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As you can see on your social network, it was not rare to see him bustling about on their ranch located in the foothills of the Ajusco doing work in the field, but also strolling through the forums of television Star TV, where it was serving as artistic director, where he talked with the talent, technicians, collaborators and other colleagues before him in his travels.

Under his production were incubated projects such as The Shaka (2012), Miracles (2012), The life of a diva (2013), the film A honest feeling in the dungeon of oblivion (2019), where he made his last appearance in film Edith Gonzalez; the program We dropped the night (2019), 100 latinos dijeron (2013 – ), collaborated with Alex Montiel with the videos of the channel Stuffed in the caseamongst other projects.

He is survived by his sons Diego, Santiago, Andrea and Regina, and his wife Pili.

The television producer and artistic director Andres Arreola was killed the afternoon of Friday in the vicinity of the carretera Picacho-Ajusco, after a fight, allegedly by, some land.




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