Who will Arrive are held to because they don’t go away | Domestic

Of the seven, according to a politiewoordvoerder be clearly identifiable as a protester. So they had to make flyers, banners and loud-hailers to stay with him. The protesters have several times appealed to, warned, and summoned to the premises to be abandoned, but they refused, according to police.

There were also many other groups of people, who are clearly identified as activists. That, according to the spokesman, however, left the field. “The image of the Arrive was now calm,” according to the politiewoordvoerder.

The municipality of The Hague decided, on Friday, for Sunday’s planned demonstration of the group for the Virus to Madness, to prohibit, after it was revealed that there were not hundreds, but thousands of visitors were expected. That was according to the church’s very difficult to get even up to 1.5 meters away from each other, and to keep it. Also, it creates a “fear of the wanordelijkheden,” according to the city council.

“This is also an alternative form of demonstration, are not allowed! The police will be the people who have yet to come to appeal, warn and, if necessary, will be in place”, tweeted the church.

Also, in Amsterdam you got the Virus, the Madness is not allowed to argue.

The city will Arrive Saturday to the scene of a rally for Black Lives Matter. There were only a few people have done it.

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