Who will win and why in the battle of PS5 vs Xbox Series X, according to a market research firm

It is possible that, shortly, the so-called war of consoles stop being so at the forefront to be a thing of the past, as many users will end up embracing both brands and consoles.

The war of consoles it is in a moment quite a lot of fun right now, so their disappearance can take a little while to get there, even if you feel close to. We are still in a generation of consoles where, clearly, PS4 has gotten a few numbers out of scandal at the Xbox One.

Now, with the arrival of PS5 and Xbox Series X things are a bit different, especially because the own Phil Spencer is not considered to be rivals to Sony and Microsoft. Even so, both of these machine could continue to serve as competitors to the other, and even some analysts claim that PS5 will sell more than Xbox x Series.

Beyond that, the middle Gamesindustry.biz says that from Ampere Analysis have come to a similar conclusion. According to them, PS5 will sell more than Xbox Series X (2 consoles, PS5 sold by each Series X) around 2024. In addition, according to an analysis of DFC Intelligence, a leading research agency in the video games industry, it is quite clear that the machine-winner will be PS5.

After seeing the console in the presentation event PS5the company states that “recent expectations of DFC Intelligence predict that PlayStation 5 will sell more in a significant margin. Sony has a great advantage which includes a better marketing and distribution, an audience is more convinced and, of course, exclusive games”.

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The project of Phil Spencer to the brand has been, little by little, the of to downplay the importance of numbers in sales, although always claiming that the price is a “critical factor”. This ecosystem in the console will decrease the sales of Xbox Series X, although it also binds the factor of Xbox Game Pass and the cloud services of Microsoft.

However, Microsoft has two big aces. One of them is Xbox Lockhartthe rumored model of console of new generation. Another is Halo Infinite, title to launch with the console in front of titles presented by Sony as Marvel’s Spider-Man Thousands Moral, an experience minor and Horizon: Forbidden West, which will not be launch.

Tap to review and gather all of the information that has been breaking down throughout these months in regards to the new generation of consoles. What games are there for PS5 and Xbox Series X?

Despite all of this, what Sony has increased this generation we weigh also in the face of the following in terms of Microsoft. Although, on the other hand, the fact of the backwards compatibility of the Xbox Series X would be a factor to take into account, even if PS5 has insisted that it will be able to play titles for PS4.

Source: Forbes


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