Whoa! A giant asteroid the size of a stadium approaches Earth July 24

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – On July 24, an asteroid the size of a stadium is expected to cross Earth. An asteroid called 2008Go20 is currently heading towards Earth at high speed.

Reportedly the asteroid was traveling at a speed of 8 kilometers second or 28,800 km / hour. With that speed, anything that stands in the way of 2008Go20 could experience extreme disaster, quoted from India Today, Wednesday (21/7/2021).

This near-Earth object or NEO is 20 meters wide and will be magnified at a distance of 28,7,847,607 km, or eight times the distance between Earth and the Moon.

NASA monitors this object, because it has a close orbit to the planet and is referred to as Apollo which holds dangerous asteroids.

In June, an asteroid named 2021KT1 the size of the Eiffel tower also approached the planet. The asteroid is classified as potentially hazardous.

Asteroid 2021KT1 has a distance of 4.5 million km from Earth. For information, any object with a distance of less than 4.6 million km is an object with potentially dangerous.

For information, NASA Join Propulsion Laboratory or JPL, an asteroid is classified as an object close to Earth if the distance is less than 1.3 times the Earth-Sun distance. The two objects have a distance of about 93 million miles.

The orbits of these asteroids change frequently. This is sometimes due to the gravitational pull of the planet.

NASA alone tracks 26,000 asteroids close to Earth. More than 1000 of them are potentially dangerous.

The space agency is tracking the movement of asteroids around the Sun, this is to determine the location, calculate the elliptical path that corresponds to the object’s observations.

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But it turns out China found a way to change the path of the asteroid. Researchers and China’s National Center for Space Science in a simulation of the 23 Long March 5 rockets that hit simultaneously can change paths by a distance of 1.4 times the radius of Earth.

This calculation is based on an asteroid named Bennu. This asteroid is known to have the height of New York’s Empire State Building and orbits the Sun.

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