Why Ada Hegerberg did not enter at OL

Ada Hegerberg warming up for OL - Chelsea

Ada Hegerberg warming up during OL – Chelsea (Photo by OLIVIER CHASSIGNOLE / AFP)

Back in the OL group against Chelsea, Ada Hegerberg could have made an entry on Wednesday evening. Sonia Bompastor judged that the context of the match was not conducive to this entry into play.

She did not shy away from her happiness to tread the lawn of the Parc OL again. At the time of the ground reconnaissance, more than an hour and a half before the kick-off of the match betweenOL et ChelseaAda Hegerberg was all smiles. After seven months away from the field, the Norwegian striker has signed his return to the Lyon group for the first leg of the Champions League. With Hegerberg, it’s one more offensive solution for Sonia Bompastor, one more threat for the opponents.

Asked about the weight of the Ballon d’Or 2018 in the Lyon group, Vanessa Gilles welcomed this return with open arms. “When we have any injured person who comes back to the group, it’s good, but especially Ada who is a big leader with lots of experience to bring us on and off the pitch. It always feels good.”

A return on Saturday against Guingamp?

Arrived during the season, the Canadian defender has not yet had the chance to play with the Norwegian. Hit in the leg last September, Hegerberg barely had time to play the Champions Trophy against PSG that she found herself on the flank until Wednesday evening. When she got up from the bench to go to the warm-up, the supporters present at Décines thought they could live on return to the field. Unfortunately, it will still take a little patience.

Despite a thorough warm-up, Bompastor preferred to bring in Melvine Malard and Amel Majri for his last session of changes. After the match, the OL coach explained this choice. “If we take the question a little more broadly, Ada had been injured for many months. In the context of the match where there is a lot of intensity, of duels, I did not think it was the right timing to make her come back. In view of the context and the number of months she has been absent, I did not want to take this risk.

Will she take it on Saturday (2:45 p.m.) against Guingamp Still in Decines? OL supporters hope so.

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