Why anticipate retirement and when instead it is better to wait patiently for 67 years of age

After the age of 60, many workers start counting the days for retirement, that is, to retire. Compared to the past, among other things, retiring from work with the INPS life allowance in your pocket is never easy. As the requirements have become increasingly stringent.

Furthermore, in the past it was possible to retire by taking full advantage of the salary system, which is much more advantageous than the pension calculation with the contributory system. As if that were not enough, then, with the Monti government the Fornero Law also arrived, which also introduced strong pressures on the retirement age.

So let’s see, in detail, what are the solutions and also the reasons for early retirement and when, instead, it would be preferable to opt, at the age of 67, for access to the INPS old-age pension with at least 20 years of contributions paid.

Why anticipate retirement and when instead it is better to wait patiently for 67 years of age

In particular, there are currently three main early retirement measures:

  • Quota 102, with 64 years of age and 38 years of paid contributions;
  • the Social Bee, with 63 years of age and up to 36 years of social security contributions requested and paid;
  • the Woman Option, which, for employed and self-employed women, is a measure of early retirement with 35 years of contributions and with an age requirement, equal to 58-59 years. Really very advantageous, even if there is a downside.

Having said that, however, why anticipate retirement? Generally, the worker makes this choice for health reasons or to spend more time with the family. But often also to move abroad or because he can no longer bear to work. In some cases, however, it would be better to wait patiently for 67 years of age. So let’s see when and why.

When, how and why to wait for the old-age requirements at 67 years of age

When you opt for early retirement, you always have to do the math. As the measure, compared to the INPS old-age pension, however, has penalties on the allowance. This is why it is generally necessary to evaluate the economic convenience of the operation, making use, for example, of the support, advice and assistance of a patronage.

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For example, with the early retirement offered by the Woman Option measure, an employee who retires at 58 years of age will have a much lower INPS allowance than the INPS old-age pension. For which, instead, another nine years of social security contributions paid would be added.


Anticipating the 3-year pension is possible in this way that is not suitable for everyone

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