Why are French fries so delicious? This is the secret

Many people believe that this happens because of the salt they put on it, however this food actually contains a secret ingredient that makes it so irresistible and addictive that very few know what it is about.

All this begins in the decade of the 50’s, when McDonald’s It used vegetable oil to prepare its French fries, but after starting due to an economic crisis, the company could not afford the equipment necessary to produce the aforementioned oil.

It was because of this that a supplier had to create a mixture of beef oil and fat in order to substitute for the vegetable oil.

Time passed and, how could you imagine, this new formula made the French fries start with their great success, to the point that different fast food chains began to use this beef-based fat to prepare their French fries. .

It was after all the success, when the US health authorities began to say that the amount of fat in the potatoes was very bad, so McDonald’s decided to make their potatoes again in vegetable oil but with flavoring flavoring. of beef.

Finally, actually, this new secret ingredient is the mix of wheat, hydrolyzed milk and a touch of beef flavoring, which give it that irresistible flavor, which makes French fries so addictive.


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