Why Are Women’s Body Temperatures Colder Than Men’s?

Women feel cold more often than men.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Scientists have uncovered the reasons why women are cooler than men. In general, women’s body temperature is cooler and they feel cold more often than men.

According to researchers, it has to do with evolution. This physical condition is the difference between the two sexes. Eran Levin from Tel Aviv University, Israel explained further about the difference.

“Men and women feel the temperature differently. This difference in thermal sensation does not appear so that someone can argue with their partner about air conditioning, but the opposite,” said Levin.

From an evolutionary point of view, such differences are meant to make couples distance themselves from each other. That way, each individual can enjoy peace and tranquility.

The study initiated by Levin and his team has been published in the journal Global Ecology and Biogeography. The results show that this phenomenon does not only occur in humans. Similar traits are also found in females of a number of bird and mammal species.

The females tend to prefer a warmer environment than the males. At certain times, the preference for temperature causes a separation between the sexes.

Levin also linked the phenomenon to several other traits seen in animals and humans. For example, females are more likely to snuggle together for warmth while males often keep their distance or avoid contact with each other.


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