Why be a sign-Cov antibodies closer and easier than waiting for a meeting?

Hauled virus vaccine Corona all the attention in the race to fight these 19, although it took several months, but there is a new trend in the United States to develop antibody therapy for the treatment of SK some scientists believe that these treatments may be available this year, even before the vaccine, according to the website CNN the American.

Antibodies are proteins made by the body to fight infection scientists have used this natural protection for the treatment of various diseases, during the influenza pandemic in 1918, doctors proved that the plasma recovery plasma blood full of antibodies from patients who recovered from the disease – can mimic the flu.

The use of plasma recovery for the treatment of influenza is severe, the syndrome of Middle East Respiratory delightful photo, and now some American doctors in to see some success in the treatment of Covid-19 Also.

Due to the lack of enough plasma donated for the treatment of all patients, can modern medicine fill in the gaps and perhaps improve the process.

Customers can create a so-called monoclonal antibodies: antibodies a laboratory that has been specially created to target the infection.

Enjoy the vaccines the advantage of working for a longer period of antibody therapy is likely to take treatment of antibodies for a month or two and then fade, but can be used to protect vulnerable groups temporarily as residents of the nursing home or health care workers or people who suffer from chronic conditions can treatments also treat people who are already suffering from the disease Covid-19.

Said Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases and member of the team of action against MERS-CoV in the White House, if these treatments will be necessary in the fight against Covid-19.


He added, in an interview with the magazine JAMA On 8 June “we now have a big push in the program to develop antibodies to the monoclonal antibody, the plasma recovery, the globulin region, all based on the same principle of using an antibody against the virus, either prevention or treatment”.

Said David Thomas, vice president of Industry Research at BIO, The trade union that represents the biotechnology industry, at the present time, there are at least 102 relationship of antibodies to HIV Covid-19 At different stages of development.

It has already conducted four experiments on a monoclonal antibody for the treatment and perhaps prevention of infection withCovid-19 In human trials in June.

Pharmaceutical giant based in Indianapolis Eli Lilly has two, one has been developed in collaboration with AbCellera, A biotechnology company based in Canada has been further developed withJunshi Biosciences.

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The development of antibody to buy a lily with the AbCellera Labeled LY-CoV555 Now in the second phase of clinical trials on patients non-resident in the hospital and this study recorded patients currently.

She said Lilly In the future they would also test antibodies against the extra and experience the different combinations to see what works best.

Company Regeneron Test the cocktail of antibodies in patients in the United States.

There is also another effort of the company Tychan, A biotech company based in Singapore, has launched a clinical trial of the first phase in the patients in the hospitals there, the company said that this part of the experiments will take about six weeks.

The company said it’s likely, if everything goes well in the early stages of training, may require treatments to the following stages sometime this summer, likely to be treatments available by the autumn.


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