Why can South Korea be ‘submerged’ if the dam on the North Korean border collapses?

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South Korea can be ‘submerged’ if the dams belong to the two countries on the border North Korea broken-down.

Pyongyang previously called South Korean officials secretly opened the dam’s floodgates “send flooding” to South Korea because it was hit by heavy rains.



The northern region of the Korean peninsula is a plateau. The area is getting lower towards the south which is the territory of South Korea.

A number of rivers pass through the two countries from North Korea to their lower reaches in South Korea. One of them is the Rimjin River.

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South Korea also often receives flood ‘delivery’ from North Korea if it rains heavily and the dam door is opened. South Korea was flooded by the water in 2009.

At that time, North Korea unannounced opened the floodgates of the Hwanggang Dam. According to reports Asian News, they sent 40 million tons of water to South Korea. Meanwhile, the capacity of the dam is only 400 thousand tons.

Even that year, the water delivery left six people dead in Yeoncheon County .

‘Flood shipments’ from North Korea usually take four to five hours from the dam on the Imjin River to the Bunnam Dam near the Yeongcheon border, South Korea. The distance from Yeongcheon to Seoul is only 62 kilometers.

Hwanggang Dam is located in Tosan County, North Korea. The dam is about 41 kilometers north of the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

North Korea has repeatedly done the same thing. According to reports, if the floodgates were opened without warning it could cause a flood of casualties.

Throughout 2022, North Korea has been recorded to have opened the Hwanggang floodgate twice.

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In July, Korea’s Unification Ministry said North Korea appeared to be releasing water from the Hwanggang Dam.

That same day Yeoncheon County warned residents and visitors to stay away from the river. In Yeoncheon the water level reaches 1.6 meters.

North Korea did the same thing on Monday.

“During heavy rains in North Korea, the north repeatedly opened and closed the doors of the Hwanggang Dam,” an official from South Korea’s Unification Ministry said, as quoted by Yoonhap.

The official then said, “It seems [Korut] trying to adjust the water level at Hwanggang Dam based on the rainfall that occurs.”

The South Korean government considers North Korea to have violated the agreement on dam gates on the border between the two countries.

South Korean officials said dam activity had little impact on the country. But on the Imjin River, the opening had a significant impact.

Residents in Yeoncheon County warned residents and visitors to be careful near rivers.

The Korean peninsula itself is a hilly area with rivers flowing in its valley gaps.


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