Why check your ticket when you leave Sam? – El Imparcial de Oaxaca


If you bought the Sam & # 39; s Club or Costco, then you know that they check your ticket before leaving the store. Many people think it is to see if the customer has not stolen something, but it is not.

The work of the people who examine the purchase receipts before leaving, is to find the cashiers' mistakes before the buyers leave.

Many scrutineers errors were found during receipts review. This helps to improve the purchase experience in terms of costs and this type of wholesale shops.

What can you find in the tickets?
People looking at tickets are trained to look for errors after the charge, for example, they will find out if they overburden you. If they find the error, a report will be created and examined with the checkout. Also, there is the opposite case that they have not charged something that is about to come out.

They do not look for thieves
Managers do not look for thieves. For this there is staff inside the store, which is trained to prevent theft and loss. Most often, they look for multiple collections within the account.

Of course, they also report if there is anything in the cart, but that is not charged in the total bill.


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