Why did Juan Manuel Santos, Timochenko, Cepeda and others meet?

On the night of this Wednesday, a commented meeting was held with the former president among its participants Juan Manuel Santos, the senator Ivan cepeda and the FARC congressmen Pablo Catatumbo Y Carlos Antonio Losada, like the director of this party Rodrigo Londoño ‘Timochenko‘, as the former senator himself confirmed to the press Juan Fernando Christ, host of the meeting.

However, what was planned as a private moment between these characters, became news after the journalist Gustavo Rugeles, alerted by his sources, arrived at the residential complex where the former Minister of the Interior lives, to corroborate the meeting that took place there. It was celebrating and that, in addition, drew the attention of the other residents of the place, because the large number of vehicles that arrived there and the people who got out of them did not present a usual situation, especially in times of isolation.

The graphic material captured and published by El Expediente, a medium directed by Rugeles, aroused thousands of criticisms on social networks and, immediately, the assumptions of those who did not see the meeting with good eyes also began to emerge.


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