Why did Pampita start crying in The 8 Steps and they couldn’t comfort her

Pampita could not bear the emotion in The 8 steps of the 2 million y He ended up breaking down in tears when he heard the classic theme “my blue unicorn”, of the Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez.

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The model, who is participating in the Guido Kaczka program as a jury, burst into tears the moment the song was played in the studio so that a participant had to recognize who the interpreter was.

In the fifth step of the contest, Silvana had to guess between Rodríguez and Roque Narvaja the correct answer. And, as soon as the first chords of this classic of the musical movement of The Cuban New Trova, Carolina crossed her hands over her chest and showed all her emotion in silence, while her eyes filled with tears..

Pampita’s memory

Immediately, those who saw the reaction of the wife of Roberto García Moritán they interpreted that the song brought back memories of his little daughter Blancatragically passed away in 2012 at the age of 6 due to sepsis.

It is that, as the subject progressed, Pampita looked up in a gesture that was taken as a search for an inner connection with her daughter.the first she had with her ex-partner Benjamín Vicuña, with whom she later had three more men, Bautista, Beltrán and Benicio.

While the participant tried to remember who the singer was, and Silvio Rodríguez sang “My blue unicorn was lost yesterday / I don’t know if it left me, I don’t know if it got lost”, Pampita tried by all means not to cry in front of everyone. She bit her lip, looked down, shook her head but, in the end, her emotion got the better of her, so she covered her face with her hands and let herself go.

Pampita was excited”, said one of the participants, after Silvana finally answered correctly, while the model nodded in silence.

The model could not contain tears in the middle of the program.

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