Why did Shokry Sarhan cry? He said: Rashwan Tawfiq is better than me, why did he stop dyeing his hair?


Revealed the great artist Rashwan Tawfiq which was why the late Shukri Sarhan stopped dyeing his hair.

Tawfiq said in a dialogue for the seventh day to have a strong relationship with the great artist Shokri Sarhan, saying: "One of the great characters and we have had many stories together".

"When I was a child at the age of 10 and lived in Sayeda Zeinab, I saw a beautiful young man with thick, charming black hair, like a sword, with white pants and a laser, I was impressed by him and I have waited for her to see her elegance. " Shukri Sarhan was a student at the acting institute, and then he participated in some comedies, "he added:" He was serious, religious and very frank and did not accept any concessions in the work, and we had a spiritual bond ".

Rashwan Tawfiq talks about some of the situations he brought together from the late Shukri Sarhan: "He came to me one day and told me he saw me in a vision while he slept and was carrying water on his back and watering the people.

"Li Shukri Sarhan said he woke up from his sleep crying and asked," Rashwan Tawfiq is better than me. "He told me then that he interpreted this vision as closer to God.

He continued: "Shukri Sarhan was a great honor and respect for all because of his seriousness, and once we were watching a scene in Al-Ahram's studio, and he was sitting in front of me and dyed his hair, Vtjrt and I told him, Professor Shokri dyed your hair, God, our working wrinkles in the hair remain white, fragmented and silent, and from the day stopped dyeing the hair, gave it thicker hair more attractive and collected a certain number of religious works, including a series in the margin of the biography.



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