Why did the submarine that was looking for the remains of the Titanic disappear? These are the main hypotheses

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what happened to the submarine Titan? Late this Tuesday, the US coast guard advanced that its crew members had “40 hours of breathable air” left inside the boat. Expert Alistair Greig, an academic at University College London, has tried to imagine possibles scenarios to be able to reconstruct what happened before the disappearance of this submarine in which five people were traveling on board who wanted to see the remains of the Titanic.

This expert, interviewed by the BBC, explains that the submarine could have tried to surface due to some emergency. “If there had been an electrical or communication failure, it could have happened, but the submarine would have remained floating on the surface waiting to be found,” he explains.

Another hypothesis is that the hull of the submarine was damaged and suffered leaks, in that case the prognosis of what may have happened is not favourable,” he adds. If the submarine cannot ascend by its own means, options are very limited. “The submarine may still be intact, but if it’s deeper than 200 meters, there are very few ships that can go that deep to retrieve it. Vehicles designed for submarine rescue cannot go as deep as the submarine is.” Titanic,” stresses Greig.

The scientist David Mearns has also declared to the BBC that a ship has managed to reach the area where the submarine was last seen: “It is a very large and modern ship that has a remote-controlled underwater vehicle. It can descend up to 3,000 meters ” .

The search has continued throughout last night and will continue today, according to official sources from the United States Coast Guard. The French institute Ifremer has also diverted its ship Atalanta -equipped with an underwater robot capable of descending to great depths- off the Canadian coast. The Atalante is expected to arrive in the area around 8:00 p.m., before the search time runs out.

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