Why did you forbid working with Mustafa Shaaban?? Houria Farghali answers frankly and reveals what he secretly did with her behind the scenes!! (exciting details)

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In her latest media appearance on Al Shams channel, actress Houria Farghali revealed her relationship with artist Mostafa Shaaban, and about her boycott of working with him.

She said that she had a good relationship with him and met him more than once during the Hajj trips, and he offered her on one occasion to participate with him in the series “Doctor of Gynecology”, and she agreed to participate.

She added that she discovered after contracting to change the name of the series, which suggested that there was only one hero in the series, which she considered marginalizing, in addition to the fact that her pictures were not placed on the series’ advertisements and posters.

Houria Farghali said that she spoke at the time with the company producing the series, but she did not respond to her requests, so she decided to avoid talking with Mustafa Shaaban, and to challenge the producing company by placing posters and advertisements in the streets for herself at her own expense, as well as refusing to receive her financial dues from the series at the end of filming, and told the producer that she She does not consider the series from the list of her artistic career, and she was angry because of the violation of her contract.

Houria Farghali added that she met Mustafa Shaaban more than once after that incident, but they did not talk together, and the estrangement between them lasted for a while, before she then won the best actress award from one of the festivals, and she was surprised to receive the award from Mustafa Shaaban, which restored their relationship and they spoke again after that incident.

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