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Many Russian stars were born on January 20: Irina Allegrova, Olga Buzova, Anastasia Volochkova. However, if the ballerina and the star of “House-2” celebrated their birthdays in full, Irina Alexandrovna refused a magnificent celebration, although the People’s Artist of the Russian Federation turned 70 years old. We tell you what is the reason.

Irina Allegrova. Photo: www.globallookpress.com/ Vadim Tarakanov

In an interview with Moskovsky Komsomolets, the singer admitted that she never liked to celebrate her birthdays, and if she did, it was only on stage: “It doesn’t work this year. If it doesn’t work, then God bless him. No guests, nothing. I don’t like it all, especially at the present time, when you can’t hide anything, even if you farted … ”- says Allegrova.

Irina Alexandrovna even refused to participate in TV programs in her honor. She believes that over the years that the singer has devoted to the stage, the archives of many channels have many of her interviews and concerts that can be safely repeated. “Why talk about any palmistry, take it and show the benefit performance of 2009, show people what they did before. Or the “Mono” program in 2017. This is how to support the anniversary in a creative way – I understand. And go so that everyone looks at me, again answer some idiotic questions, because I have already answered everything normal for a long time … ”the performer assures.

Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, the People’s Artist of Russia completely changed her usual life, now she spends a lot of time at home with her family and gets joy not from the stage and the audience, but from communicating with children and baking bread: “I understand that this sounds strange from the lips of a people’s artist , but as it is … I bake for family and friends – lush, crazy, healthy bread. And, by the way, I can talk about this for hours … “In addition, the singer lives in a schedule that is convenient for her:” I sleep as much as I want, I get up when I want. Lalochka (daughter – approx. ed) says to me: “Mom, you deserve it all.”

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Allegrova not only refused to celebrate her 70th birthday on stage, but also canceled (and did not reschedule, like other artists) all her planned concerts in Siberia. She says that, unlike her stellar colleagues, she does not think about her own pocket, but about people. But Irina Alexandrovna has not yet said goodbye to the audience. It is quite possible that we will still see her in action: “I don’t know, maybe something will happen, maybe it won’t. Everything has its time. I don’t think of anything.”

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